Tips for Investing in Your Brand in 2020

Given the benefits of powerful branding, it’s easy to see why CEOs and Senior-Level Marketers want to invest in branding first. So where do you begin? How do you develop a memorable brand that would boost your company value and attract more customers? Get Clear on Your Story  Storytelling is powerful. Research shows that our

Why do I need a Brand?

Branding is connecting with your customer, it should excite, engage and demonstrate complete understanding of your target market. A brand is not a given, it is earnt and respected. It will not happen overnight but needs to grow over time. Successful CEOs and business owners know that branding goes deeper than a name and logo.

Rebranding: Think Different

Finding the Core: How simplifying your brand will broaden your horizons. Life is like going the wrong way on a moving sidewalk. Walk and you stay put. Stand still and you go backwards. To get ahead you have to hustle.” All great brands know this. Look at the history of any great brand and you

For Fonts Sake!

If you’ve ever had to select a font you would know how seemingly endless the list is before you. Searching through thousands of fonts can be quite an overwhelming process – trust us, we know. As designers though, we find it very interesting to look through fonts and appreciate the slight differences and nuances that