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Social media strategy
and engagement

Brand Strategy, digital marketing insight, content creation, social media delivery

Dynamic coach & Dynamic HR social media strategy

Build and define social media strategies and profiles for Dynamic Coach and Dynamic HR whist keeping them within the same family through look at feel.

The Brief

Dynamic Coach and Dynamic HR asked BrandAsylum the best way to help raise their business profiles, build links, connections, and increase traction on LinkedIn. We went back with a mapped out strategic proposal of how best to achieve this and are currently running and delivering strategic creative content for them on a monthly basis, that includes monthly reporting and close communications to adapt to key topics or news related items.

The Challenge

Two companies, one social media company page makes (if not carful) the content you push out confusing and bity. BrandAsylum designed a strong brand identity for both Dynamic Coach and HR that works together or as separate pieces. The reader then knows immediately whether the content posted is for them or not. It was also paramount that the content created and posted was relevant for today’s changing environment, which was achieved by being relevant, engaging and building a dialogue between Dynamic and their audiences.

The Solution

It’s now. It’s how and when’s best

Lots to say – how best to say it and when is the key to delivering a linkedIn strategy. So we mixed it up, started to build a brand for both and most importantly tell a story and build a relationship with their audiences. Over a 3 month period we could see what worked and what didn’t so well and tweaked the offering to create the content that was required. It was vital that we also started to show off both Nick and Linda’s personalities as it’s as much about the people behind the brand as it is the brand itself.

Campaign delivery

It’s not all about words, yes they might indulge the intellect but to engage you need more than just a few clever words or sentances. We created engaging strategic content that over time created a stronger LinkedIn profile and presence for Dynamic Coach and HR through both articles, images, videos, knowledge sharing and expertise.