Keep it simple stupid has been one of the mantras used for many years at BrandAsylum HQ.

We’ve have had so many conversations with clients, businesses and brands wanting to deliver too much in one go, in one place, at the same time, and every time we’ve challenged and pushed back on this with ‘KISS’.

Keeping is simple is key – having a clear message, a clear call to action, a clear proposition and clear concept, will not only strengthen, but also build your brands engagement. It’s very easy to want to add as much information as you can think into your communication – but in reality, the simpler the content and the better targeted you make it, the more engagement and uplift you will have.

But and there is a but…

Creating ‘KISS’ is not that straightforward and often requires bravery, commitment and acknowledgement. Bravery in terms of not saying everything you want to say at in one go and prioritising the importance of message. Commitment, that what you are communicating is correct, not just for your target market but also for your brand. Finally, acknowledgement, that by simplifying your message, communication and design, you will be able to hone, craft and focus your key message, offer and proposition, making every comms message you release work that much harder for you.

Brilliantly illustrated by this ‘KISS’ single minded and engaging Ikea advert.

With our team of awesome content writers, designers (digital & traditional), creative geniuses, marketing strategists and social guru’s we help businesses and brands craft and deliver ‘kiss’ content time after time.

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