At BrandAsylum we love type. From the timeless classics to hand crafted scripts, to modern iterations, to the bespoke that push boundaries. There is a font for every design need. Type and how it can and is used, should breathe life into all design, turning it from bland to brand.

Typography is gorgeous, typography can be shocking, typography is so much more than just letters and numbers… most importantly typography and the type you choose should be a fundamental part of your design process and with so many different fonts out there to explore, it can be daunting to know where to begin.

Typography in branding plays a vital role in defining and helping to build a brands identity. Every stroke, curve and loop in the chosen font helps shape the brand identity and voice.  A font is more than just the text on the page, it’s a powerful way to communicate your brand’s tone of voice, positioning and differentiation.

So, how do you ensure that the typography you use in your brand and marketing best represents the message you want to convey?

The key to this is understanding the different types of type styles available, what works best on the platform you want to use, what’s trending, where its being seen, where’s it going to be used, how much is said, what impact you want it to have, who’s your target market – etc, the list can be long…

What it shouldn’t be is ‘Ooooh I like that scripty one’.

In a nutshell, the typeface you choose is a critical component of your brand’s visual identity. The right font speaks volumes before a word is read. It communicates who you are and the values your brand represents to your audience in a millisecond.

Getting this right is key.

So, when crafting your brand’s visual identity, it’s not just about pretty letters; it’s about finding the perfect match that works with your brand’s narrative, resonating with your audience and painting a picture of who you are and what you are trying to say.

The ‘type’ style you use should include personality, add value, be integral to your brand and remember type is not just the written word, but a crucial part and element to your visual communication – get it right and working together with the right image will create real impact, engagement, and differentiation.

Who doesn’t remember the line ‘Hello Boys’.

So remember – when looking for a font to use on a website refresh – make sure to use a web safe font, a font that’s easy to read on a backlit screen, a font that will work across mobile and desktop, a font that is at home at 9pt as it is at 90, a font that has some weight options (light, medium, bold etc). A font that is the same or complements your brands font style. But most importantly a font or typestyle that makes your brand your brand.

It’s the same for print and social… whilst also considering where its being seen, by whom and when.

At BrandAsylum we are passionate about type, its usage, and its importance and with so many incredible fonts out there to choose from we are here to help you make the right decision.

Just please don’t ask for ‘Comic Sans’