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Brand Communications

Where to place the logo. How to blend corporate colours. Which templates to use for which comms. We’ll work side-by-side with you to create a brand book that sets the guidelines for how people first experience your organisation.

New brands for new business

If you’re ready to launch your new venture and want a brand that’ll create the right perception from the get-go, we can help. We’ll help you bring out the brand DNA so your product or service hits the ground running. We start with a workshop to get to the heart of what makes your business so incredible. Then we create a brand strategy that reveals your ethos, defines your values, identifies your mission statement and aligns your target market with the opportunities ahead.

Using this exciting vision for your business, we can start to craft your brand’s look and feel.  We’ll write your brand story, give it a memorable personality and showcase your brilliance. We’ll then take this to the next level with a fully developed brand identity that includes primary and secondary logo design, patterns, illustrations or icons, typography, and a clear colour palette.


The right brand works wonders. It can inspire people to know more. It can tell your story in all its glory. And it can persuade people to take action. Especially when it’s naturally in tune with the hearts and minds of your customers.

Undertaking a complete brand overhaul can be daunting for any business, no matter the size. After all, rebranding is about much more than just updating your logo or choosing new colours. So we’ll work alongside you through careful strategic planning and beautifully conceived creative options, until we all agree on the new route forward. We’ll cover the entire process so you get peace of mind that everything’s covered and that your re-brand is fully aligned to your business goals.

Brand development

Brand development is one of the central pillars of our daily work. And it’s a sensitive job that needs to be approached in the right way. When there is evident value in your existing identity, it’s important that designers don’t move too far away from this. It can be a delicate balancing act when creating new brand assets. And it’s something we are mindful of every day. Our main goal when evolving brands is find the flexibility that allows new assets to draw on brand heritage yet meet the needs of today.