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Jaguar Land Rover
Employee Engagement

Brand Strategy, Digital design, Digital development

Making great days at work through creativity, technology and live events

Design and build of a innovative employee website under the Jaguar Land Rover brand. This website targets JLR employees to drive internal engagement and communication.


To power truly unique, human focused customer experiences across the UK audiences, jaguar Land Rover cars identified the need to engage with their employees in the most simple, effective and positive ways possible. They did this by vreating JLR World – a platform providing trusted content, incentives, knowledge hub and sharing functionality to provide an authentic, targeted website experience through more human content.

The Challenge

To create an engaging easy to use employee engagement website that was able to link the multitude channels of internal communication. From the Share functionality that focuses on employees communicating with employees. The Reward pages – where employees earn and are recognised for the work successes. The Improve library is where employees access knowledge based content and finally the Inspire section which is a blog based article board.

The Solution

Working with the client, the communications team and developers, we created a user experience that was established through user-research. This was created through collecting Primary and Secondary user data to provide indepth insight in the requirements and functionality needs for the end user. Building our agile team, we place specialists into your project team to deliver the this website. This site was built using ‘mobile first’ user insight enabling the site to be used on-the-go.

Flexible UI Framework

By creating a standardised visual language and method that could be rolled out across the platform we were able to design and make the system uniformed and easy to use and upadate. The previous interation of this site had poor user experince reporting and that was impacting the company’s communication channels with their employees so this was a key performance indicator for us to turn-around.