Given the benefits of powerful branding, it’s easy to see why CEOs and Senior-Level Marketers want to invest in branding first. So where do you begin? How do you develop a memorable brand that would boost your company value and attract more customers?

Get Clear on Your Story

Storytelling is powerful. Research shows that our brains respond to stories in deeply affecting ways. More brands are understanding how it can help shape perceptions and impact the bottom line.

How did your brand begin? What is its purpose? What challenges has it overcome? And what has it discovered? Strengthening the story of your brand is pivotal to making it compelling, interesting, and unique. Think about what your brand means to you and what it means to the employees within it.

Define Your Unique Value Proposition

Your value proposition is your brand’s promise to your customers. It highlights what you will deliver and what particular problem in your customers’ lives your product can solve. It also clearly defines what it is you do better than your competitors.

Why should people come to you rather than other places? What is the core of your brand, the thing that it should identify with the most? Take a look at your competition to see whether they are using similar values. You want your brand to stand out, which means you need your brand to be differentiated.

Get to Know Your Audience

Do you really know your customers? A survey of 100 senior-level marketers revealed that most marketers don’t have enough customer insight and data to deliver targeted campaigns, thus missing out on a great opportunity to build lasting relationships with their customers.

If you’ve been in business for quite some time, you can start by getting to know your current clients on a deeper level. What appeals to them? What do they value the most? What are their problems? What prevents them from buying your offering? Where do they go for information?

Humanise Your Brand

Your customers are more likely to relate to a story or a character than a mere brand name. Personifying your brand can bridge the gap between you and your audience. Bring your brand to life with a bit of a personality.

If your brand could speak, what would it say? How would it say it? Is your brand lighthearted and witty? Or is it serious and smart? This will make it easier for you to create material for your brand.

Make Your Brand Consistent

The internet makes it possible for your brand to be displayed in multiple channels. When it comes to brand messaging, consistency is key. But oftentimes, delivering a consistent brand identity and brand promise across a multi-channel environment can be challenging.

If your branding isn’t consistent, it’s going to be muddled in the minds of your customers. When your customers think about your brand, they should be able to isolate just a few things that your brand represents.

To ensure consistent branding, consider the following.

  • Develop brand guidelines
  • Produce consistent brand visuals
  • Develop a brand experience and embed it in your culture
  • Pay attention to your marketing efforts

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